Bookmark All Tabs

What is bookmark all tabs?

Save all tabs to any bookmarks folder anywhere at the press of a button. No annoying menus, popups or questions asking you to name things when bookmarking. Save bookmarks to an auto generated folder using values like the active page title you were on when saving, the current date, day, time etc. nested under any folder you want. Auto generate a “Recent” folder to quickly access your most frequently used bookmarks. Plus tons more features to tweak for whatever your workflow…

Additional Features

• Store bookmarks into an existing folder nested anywhere on button press.

• Save using date, day, time, current tab and more as nested sub folders.

• Auto generate “Recent” bookmarks folder of most used bookmarks.

• Auto exclude pinned tabs when bookmarking all tabs. 

• Option to bookmark the active tab only.

• Option to auto close everything bookmarked after bookmarking.

• Option to auto exclude duplicate bookmarks when adding.

• Option to auto sort bookmarks when adding.

• Delete all bookmarks in folder.

• Delete all duplicate bookmarks in a folder.

• Sort all bookmarks in a folder.


Fixed “Rate” link in extension options pointing to the Next Tab extension to the Bookmark All Tabs Extension.

  • Updated to compliance with Chrome Manifest V3.
  • Updated interface to be easier to use and read.
  • Increased the default cut-off length for nested tab titles using the name of the active page to save the folder as from 10 characters to 25.
  • Added European standard dating order options for auto-naming nested tabs.
  • Combined the utils page with the options page to reduce confusion. The folder utilities operations now use a separate input value for the folder name to operate on (instead of sharing the main folder name).
  • Fixed save settings bug with new “Recent” folder feature.
  •  There is now an option to auto generate a “Recent” bookmarks folder of your most often used bookmarks! This is really useful for people who use massive bookmark hierarchies. This special Recent folder can be nested anywhere within your bookmarks folders and limited to storing a specific number of bookmarks. An exclude folder can also be set to exclude storing bookmarks from a certain folder (i.e. the bookmarks you’re constantly using). Check it out in the Bookmark All Tabs options page by right clicking the extension icon and selecting “Options” after installing.
  • Pinned tabs are now excluded from being saved when bookmarking all tabs by default. There is also an option to include saving pinned tabs if you wish.
  • Cleaned up code on options page.
  • Corrected hyphen showing up as forward slash in some instances of “Nest new saved tabs as” option.
  • Save using date, day, time, current tab and more as nested sub folders on the fly.
  • The “Perform actions on all sub folders” option in the utilities page is now off by default.
  • Changed Chrome version options page from “in tab” to single page to allow confirm messages.
  • Added confirm messages back to Chrome version utilities page.

Fixed bug with “Close bookmarked tabs after bookmarking” option.

  • Updated link data in options page.
  • Added a new feature located in the utilities menu in the options page, “Remove duplicate bookmarks”.
  • Fixed a few bugs with the “Exclude duplicates when saving bookmarks” option.
  • Option to “Add tabs to existing bookmarks folder” is now on by default.

Fixed console error message regarding missing font file.

  • Updated UI with icons and better layout.
  • There is now a “utilities” page within the options menu.
  • You can now delete all bookmarks from any folder (and optionally include all of its sub folders) preserving the folders.
  • You can now sort all bookmarks in any folder (and optionally include all of its sub folders) from the utilities page.
  • Fixed bug with bm folder creation causing import of empty folder.
  • The Close all bookmarked tabs after bookmarking option will now close all tabs or only the active tab if “Bookmark Only Active” checked.
  • Added icon animations to let the user know when bookmarks have been saved (or if the tab or tabs they’re trying to save are already bookmarked).
  • You can now change the default name of new bookmark folders.
  • Bookmarks can now be placed into an existing folder when the button is pressed.
  • Added the option to bookmark only the active tab.
  • Added the option to auto close tab after bookmarking.
  • Added the option to exclude duplicate links.
  • Added the option to auto sort bookmarks folder when pressing the button (does not affect any other folders).

First official release on Opera web browser!

No new functionality just adjustments for Opera store.

Created basic extension. Press a button to bookmark all tabs. Yay!