Next Tab

What is Next Tab?

Cycle through browser tabs with the press of a button. Sure there’s hotkeys for that, but who wants to press two keyboard keys to go to the next tab?

Next Tab is really for people knee deep in research, who open up a lot of web pages at once (i.e. bulk link openers) and was created as a companion extension for the “Bookmark All Tabs” extension

The idea is, have one button to quickly cycle through tabs and one button next to that to instantly bookmark your findings and thus rapidly research assets.

How can Next Tab help me stay on task?

Did you know you can open all bookmarks within a bookmarks folder by pressing the middle mouse button or Ctrl/Cmd Left Click with your mouse hovered over the folder? Imagine you stored all your most time eating sites into one bookmarks folder then opened them all but wanted to make sure you only spent 10 minutes on each site. Easy! Just right click on the Next Tab button, select “Options” and “Activate Tab Timer”. 

Can I use it to turn my browser into a slideshow?

Sure! Next Tab!  Use the “Auto Advance” to transform your browser into a slideshow! It’s also a really great way, to extra force yourself not to spend to much time on one site! This is a mission critical feature if you’re committed to researching a bunch of things at one time. If you want to go really hardcore, you can even set tabs to automatically close when the timer is up!


  • Updated to compliance with Chrome Manifest V3.
  • Updated interface with a cleaner, easier to read UI and simplified menu options.
  • Removed option for “get back to work slacker” pop up message (extensions are no longer allowed to use confirm popup messages in Chrome Manifest V3).
  • Removed experimental stop tab load feature (this is already handled by chrome now).
  • Removed experimental force close tab option (more trouble than it was worth).
  • Fixed action icon to look more consistent across darker browser themes.
  • Added info to Options page.
  • Updated UI, icons and navigation buttons.
  • Updated link data in options page.
  • There is now an option to display the timer minutes and seconds countdown right in the browser!
  • You can now set individual minutes and seconds values in the options page (instead of seconds only).
  • All timer, message or other activity now automatically pauses when on extension settings or options pages.
  • Pressing the button (tab timer) the first time now begins the timer on the initial page without sending you to the next tab first.
  • You can now adjust the timer to stay on the same tab if pressing it again after the time runs out.
  • • There is now an option to force tabs to close when timer runs out.

Fixed console error message regarding missing font file.

  • If Previous page was still loading, it will now automatically stop loading when pressing button if “Tab Timer” is on.
  • Now pages that were manually closed out will automatically reset the tab timer (if active) to emulate default behavior.
  • The tab timer popup display message will now send you to the next tab when you click “ok”.
  •  Added “Auto Advance” option to automatically switch to the next browser tab when the timer is up (can also be used as a slideshow).
  •  New experimental feature “Stop page load on click” stops your browser from eating up resources after you’re done with a page.
  •  Added the option to disable the icon animation.

Introducing Next Tab for Chrome and Opera!

  • Press the button to cycle to the next tab.
  • Activate the tab timer feature found in the options menu to stay on task.
  • Enjoy!